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Below are blog posts from different blogs written by Farming Community members. If you want your blog post to be listed here, please Contact us.

TitleCategoryByPosted on
Natural falling and germination of seeds (863) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment6/22/2015
Masanobu Fukuoka on timings of crops (911) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment6/26/2015
Paddy cultivation - Monsoon 2015 (962) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment7/11/2015
Farm produce costs (872) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment7/26/2015
SRT (Saguna Rice Technique) - No-till rice technique (931) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment9/7/2015
News paper reports - Harvesting rice without sowing (898) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment9/10/2015
Duck tractor (928) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment9/14/2015
End of mud road (877) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment9/20/2015
Pappaya (967) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment9/22/2015
Pureria Javanica to control weeds (946) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment9/22/2015
Another trial with Happy Hill rice - 2015 September (898) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment9/26/2015
Paddy farming 2015 - Season 2 (909) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment11/9/2015
Banana Circle (912) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment11/15/2015
Owning 0.5 acre and remaining poor at 35 years is your fault - Biju Patnaik (956) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment12/6/2015
Sabu Joseph - Karshakashree Award Winner - 2015 (1341) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment1/1/2016
Scythe - An effective tool for cutting grass (922) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment1/10/2016
Taro (1015) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment1/23/2016
Coconut Harvesting (1030) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment3/5/2016
Meeting a farmer who cultivates traditional rice varieties (945) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment4/9/2016
Summer - 2016 (1046) Organic, Natural etc. FarmingFarmingExperiment4/9/2016

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