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Churches pressing sorely on him 
posted by kjh890124 on 3/16/2017 11:58:03 PM under Announcements | Views: 238
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Sierra Leone: Nursing agriculture back to health 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/24/2014 6:54:47 AM under Announcements | Views: 2811
By Kingsley Ighobor and Ernest Harsch Sierra Leoneans love to eat rice. For them, rice is the food to live on. “It doesn’t matter what other food they eat, they must eat rice at least once a day before they can say they have eaten at all,” explains Umaru Fofana, editor of Politico, a Sierra Leonean newspaper. But now Joseph Sam Sesay, the minister in charge of agriculture, forestry and food security, wants his compatriots to loosen their relationship with rice.

Over 8.67 lakh Tamil Nadu farmers left agriculture in the last decade 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/20/2014 3:15:23 AM under Announcements | Views: 2773
Nearly 8.67 lakh farmers have quit agriculture and shifted to other sectors during the last 10 years in Tamil Nadu as per te 2011 census, a farmer's body leader said today.

Bio inputs give better yield for brinjal growers in Chittoor, AP 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/8/2014 5:19:19 AM under General Farming News | Views: 2791
There is a general view that agriculture is not a remunerative profession. But for those who continue to do farming, there seems to be no choice. Either they leave the fields fallow or sell the lands for quick money. “Reasons for being unremunerative are many like high cost of inputs, inability to break even in profit, marketing etc. But in spite of all these problems there are people like Mr. P. Muniratnam Naidu in Kasturikandriga village, Tirupati Rural Mandal, Chittoor district for whom agriculture is lucrative.

SRI to the rescue of village hit by labour shortage 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/8/2014 5:16:49 AM under Announcements | Views: 2991
“We have at last found a solution to labour shortage. I am hopeful of sustainable farming” Not long ago, farmers of Kavanthandalam, a village about 10 km from Uthiramerur of Kancheepuram district and situated along Cheyyar river, were extremely worried about the future of farming in their area.

Wind farms may divert migratory birds 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/8/2014 5:13:13 AM under Announcements | Views: 1433
A study by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has suggested that high-tension transmission cables should be laid underground in areas with a high concentration of birds vulnerable to collision. It also says that pre-development studies had indicated that wind farms set up for electricity could pose a major threat to migratory birds.

Organic farming veteran Nammalvar dead 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/8/2014 5:10:28 AM under Announcements | Views: 1225
The pioneer of organic farming in Tamil Nadu, G Nammalvar, died at the age of 75 in Athivetti village in Thanjavur district on Monday. He is survived by wife, Savithri, and daughter, Meena. Sources close to Nammalvar said he died due to age-related ailments. He was in Athivetti while leading a campaign against a private company's methane exploration project in the Cauvery delta. Angels Raja, a close associate of Nammalvar, said the latter had not been feeling well for the past few days. "But he refused to stay away from the campaign against the methane exploration project. He even attended a book release function on Sunday in the Mullivaikkal Mutram in Thanjavur," Raja said.

Farm steps to bear fruit 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/8/2014 5:08:31 AM under General Farming News | Views: 1031
Farmers can now grow exotic fruits, flowers and vegetables in their backyard. Chief minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated a centre of excellence, horticulture, at Deras farm on the outskirts of the city on Sunday. The centre, developed with latest technical knowhow from Israel on 25 acre, will produce quality saplings and seedlings.

Narendra Modi government in Gujarat grabbing land of farmers, alleges Arvind Kejriwal 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/6/2014 9:43:36 AM under Announcements | Views: 894
Former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday slammed the Gujarat government and accused them of threatening and grabbing the land of farmers. Kejriwal is in Gujarat to verify the development claims often made by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

Sugar output for 2013-14 revised lower by 5 per cent at 23.8 million tonnes 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/6/2014 9:39:31 AM under Announcements | Views: 851
Country's sugar production for the marketing year 2013-14 has been revised downwards by 1.2 million tonnes to 23.8 million tonnes due to lower output estimates in Uttar Pradesh, industry body ISMA said today.

Wheat prices bullish on global cues 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/6/2014 9:36:50 AM under General Farming News | Views: 929
India wheat prices remain firm in the global market with reports of crop loss doing the rounds in the domestic market. Prices have firmed up to $280 atonne for March delivery from a low of $265 a tonne in January. Business conglomerates like ITCBSE 0.54 %, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Glencore and EmmsonsBSE 4.97 % have entered or actively looking at the Gujarat market from where the exports are taking place.

Agriculture dependent population in India grew by 50% 
posted by ilayabharathi on 3/6/2014 9:32:25 AM under General Farming News | Views: 1024
The agriculture dependent population of India grew by a whopping 50 per cent between 1980 and 2011, the highest for any country during this period, followed by China with 33 per cent, while that of the United States dropped by 37 per cent as a result of large scale mechanization, a latest report has said.

Natural farming: Going back to the roots 
posted by ilayabharathi on 2/18/2014 2:23:38 AM under General Farming News | Views: 1222
When you see a huge fruit, your first thoughts, perhaps, would be that they are genetically modified or chemically enhanced. However, this can also be done through 'organic' farming. Propagators of this farming technique prefer calling it zero-budget natural farming, which is largely dependent on things found easily on the farm itself. Such produce would soon be available at local markets.

Eleven year old Indian girl's films on agriculture to be screened in Senegalese Seed Fair 
posted by sheonarayan on 11/23/2013 1:38:35 AM under Announcements | Views: 1429
Short films made by a 11-year-old Mayuri from Pastapur in Medak district will be screened in the Senegalese Seed Fair in March next year. Mayuri who is part of the Deccan Development Society (DDS) delegation has also been invited to address a number of schools in the region and share with the local children her own work of combining schooling with agriculture filmmaking.

Natural farming: Going back to the roots 
posted by sheonarayan on 11/23/2013 1:36:48 AM under Announcements | Views: 1224
When you see a huge fruit, your first thoughts, perhaps, would be that they are genetically modified or chemically enhanced. However, this can also be done through 'organic' farming. Propagators of this farming technique prefer calling it zero-budget natural farming, which is largely dependent on things found easily on the farm itself. Such produce would soon be available at local markets.

How Indian farmers are preserving the good earth 
posted by sheonarayan on 9/10/2013 5:28:36 AM under General Farming News | Views: 1564
YONG Weng Thing was amazed when he saw the field of spinach. Being a farmer himself, he knows good quality stuff when he sees it and quickly helped himself to the greens. A bunch of spinach in hand, he gestured a thumbs up to R. Venkatrasa, owner of the organic farm in a village in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Natural fertilizer gains popularity 
posted by sheonarayan on 8/15/2013 5:16:02 AM under General Farming News | Views: 1322
When it comes to applying the traditional ways of farming, the demand for natural fertilizer Jeevamrat made of cow dug and urine is gaining popularity in the region. Jeevamrat comprises different components like cow urine, cow dug, gram flour (besan) and jaggery (gur). It strengthens the fertility of soil three times in comparison to other fertilizers.

Easing pressure on land resources through natural farming 
posted by sheonarayan on 5/18/2013 11:53:22 AM under General Farming News | Views: 1311
Cruising through the winding roads of the Halsema highway, one is delighted with the scenery of fields on a rolling terrain of temperate vegetables. But for all the picturesque sight, a large portion of the soil here holds a menace to the environment and the health of both farmers and consumers....

Every drop counts - Papaya cultivation 
posted by sheonarayan on 3/5/2013 10:11:33 PM under General Farming News | Views: 2056
An organic farmer from Kolar has used a new technique of farming. Kolar region is a dry and arid area, with depleting groundwater resources.

MNREGS killing entrepreneurial spirit of rural AP, says study 
posted by sheonarayan on 2/14/2013 9:37:06 AM under General Farming News | Views: 1683
The UPA government's pet programme - the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) - may have been started with the objective of securing the livelihood of the residents of rural India by providing assured employment for 100 days in a year, but has ended up choking the entrepreneurial spirit in the hinterlands of Andhra Pradesh.

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