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By eztalks

on 5/15/2017 6:11:34 AM
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What Is Portable Video Conference System

Up until not so long ago, video conferencing hasn't been a portable communication medium. Video conferencing has begun as a medium of communication generally relying on robust computer systems featuring high-end hardware, coming with large projection screens and sophisticated audio systems.

Service providers are able nowadays to extend their video conferencing solutions to portable new platforms, thanks to the development of more sophisticated mobile technology. Now, software dedicated for video conferencing apps can be found on everything from the mobile phones, to popular laptops and highest-end PCs.

Many developers have started to consider the possibilities and benefits of video conferencing due to the great potential for video conference systems to become popular tools for  "on-the-go" interaction. Developers are looking into new software and hardware designs that can improve this model. For instance, with the development of Apple's FaceTime, the users have now new video connectivity possibilities in the palm of one’s hand.

Ricoh has also developed its own portable video conference system, the P3000 Unified Communication System. The 1.6 inches (40 mm) tablet-sized package comes with a microphone, camera, speaker, push-button console and network connectivity. It supports the H.264/SVC video compression standard that adjusts compression, frame rate and resolution in order to accommodate the bandwidth available.

Portable video conferencing tools such as the P3000, as with any new technology, are also having their concerns. Due to questions about the reliability of connection and audiovisual quality, video conferencing still struggles with public hesitance. When quality is already a reason of concern, it can be even more difficult to sell a mobile product.

There are also some questions, in addition, as to whether it is absolutely necessary to have a mobile device specifically devoted to portable video conferencing. With the increase in popularity of Android and iOS running smartphones, people have become used to "all-in-one" mobile devices that can meet their various needs. In such a competitive environment, it's still not certain whether or not separate devices dedicated to portable video conferencing solutions will be able to gain enough market interest.


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